About Us

The Etiquette Matters’ Institute of Etiquette (EMIE) is an emerging consulting firm which offers the highest quality programmes in the field of Contemporary Etiquette/Protocol, Graceful Dining, Impression Management, Customer Service, Social Skill Development and Personal/Professional Branding.

The institute carefully tailors its programmes to the need of their clients and we conduct life changing, confidence-building, invaluable training programmes for corporations, Hotel / Hospitality sector, Clubs / Associations and universities. The Institute offers etiquette training for adults and children via private consultations, courses, workshops and seminars. ‘EMIE’ rarely conduct exactly the same seminar twice as each client will require a slight difference in emphasis.

Would you like to polish your personal brand for social and professional success? Would you like to be assured that your team has the poise, social graces, and etiquette knowledge to help your firm “outclass the competition?” We invite you to contact us today. We will partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

The aim of ‘etiquette matters’ is to create a professional image that reflects positively upon each individual. We encourage our attendees to let their unique personality shine. We equip them with the polish

Individuals who are comfortable with social graces experience the best success. As etiquette advocates, we are delighted that sharing our knowledge and experience helps to ensure our clients’ comfort and success in their endeavors”