Customer Service Excellence

This programme will enlighten the participants with set of tools in offering an outstanding service to customers through extension of customer care. To begin with everyone should understand that customers are fellow human beings with feelings and emotions. It is in fact in life that ‘human beings’ always like to be treated with dignity. Providing care to both external & internal customer is a mindset to which every employee in the organization should be attuned. The programme will lead a behavioral change of the participants in regard to anticipating and exceeding customer’s demands / wishes and make customers loyal to the organization.
Key Content

  • Defining and understanding customer service
  • Methods of anticipating customer’s expectations
  • Developing right attitude to serve customers
  • Creating first impression on customer’s mind
  • Providing World class service with local touch
  • Techniques for dealing with angry or upset customers
  • Effective communication in customer service
  • Best practices adopted by great companies to delight customers
  • Daily practice of the 3Rs in a professional Service

 In our Excellence in Customer Service training participants will:

  • Gain valuable insights into viewing service from the customer’s perspective
  • Gain a better understanding of what we mean by quality customer service
  • Understand how to handle inquiries and/or complaints in ways that improves the customer's perception of the organization and builds lasting relationships with them
  • Learn how to see issues from the customer’s perspective
  • Learn to promote positive "chemistry" between them and the client by recognizing and responding to the needs of each individual client
  • Learn how to respond appropriately even when the client is responding with emotions
  • Acquire techniques for creating value-adding options for clients and making sure customers recognize the added value they are getting

 Target Audience

  • Customer Service managers
  • Quality management personnel
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Call center professionals Looking to gain and maintain a compelling strategic edge


Full-day (up to eight hours)